Why communicating your company’s vision and goals to your team is so powerful and should not be overlooked.

Nov 15, 2017

One of the key elements when developing a sales strategy is to clearly define and communicate the vision and goals of the company to your team. The company’s sales goals can be broken down to monthly, quarterly and annually, however the bigger picture goal should always be identified first.

In many companies I have worked in and consulted for, the vision and goals are only known by the founder or maybe a few members of management. It is often assumed that employees are aware or that someone along the way has advised them of the vision.

I’m here to tell you that about 98% of your team doesn’t know the goal, mission or story of your company.

Shocking right? This is something, you as a business owner, think of on a daily basis and likely keeps you up at night. It’s time to share that vision. In companies I have worked in, and with clients I consult with, I like to do a little exercise just to see if one day I will be proven wrong. So far I have not. I will pick about 4-5 people in the organization from different departments and ask them one simple question. What does the company do?

I can tell you that every time I do this, each person has a different answer and some of them aren’t really sure. They know what THEY do, and that’s about it. I’d like to interject here and challenge you or someone in your organization to send a quick survey to some of your employees and ask them what they think the company’s mission is. The answers might surprise you.

The reason this is so important to define and communicate with your team is because your team will start to work differently. Once they know the goal, they will align their day to day actions to move the needle toward the bigger picture. Your sales team will be more confident when speaking to prospects and see themselves as problem solvers and value creators.

This is not only for sales; this is for all departments. By doing this early-on, the natural by- product is that you will create a company culture that thrives because everyone is working toward a common goal, instead of each department working in silos.

Employees want to feel they are part of something bigger than themselves. They will start to communicate the same message when out at events, on the phone or various other scenarios where they are representing your company. That’s powerful stuff!

Vaneet Johal

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