We begin by listening.

So we can better understand the path your company has been on, the successes and challenges, and your future goals, we embark on a thorough process of discovery. Our solutions are not cookie-cutter – your company is on its own course. We then develop a plan to propel forward, increase brand presence, and create a plan to meet revenue targets. Your individual sales program is tailored to suit your timelines and company goals.

Defining your sales strategy

While you know the nature of your business or product inside out, you may not necessarily know the steps to achieve your bottom line. We will map your 360-degree sales strategy to success.

Deciding on the roles you require

There may be several different sales roles and responsibilities in any given company. We can help ensure these roles are thoughtfully shaped and in line with your revenue goals and budget.

Executing an efficient interview process

If you don’t have sales experience, you may not know the right questions to ask. Using our sales-specific expertise, we ask the questions that will lead to finding your ideal candidate.

Preparing your sales tools

The right tools are key to setting up your team for success. These tools may be anything from  finding the right CRM for your business, key messaging, value propositions, target accounts, competitor information, and solutions for challenges your salesperson may encounter. We can work with you to make sure these are in place.

Creating an onboarding plan

Whatever the experience level of your sales staff, they will require two to four weeks to acquaint themselves with your company and the sales strategy. We ensure this is a smooth and productive process so they can hit the ground running and be well-equipped to achieve what is expected of them.